Hello and welcome to The Joy In Beauty! 

I’m so excited to have you! Can you believe it’s already July? I sure can’t. 2021 is already flying by, and after a year like 2020, I’m excited to see where this year takes us. 

Last year left a lot of people shell-shocked. It was an eye-opener. I had huge plans, one of which was launching and growing The Joy In Beauty. But to be honest, I had to put the blog on the backburner and focus on what was the best course of action for me–not just physically, but mentally as well. 

Once I stabilized myself and my situation to deal with the fallouts of Covid, instead of plowing forward with the blog, I shifted to doing Instagram live interviews. They were fun and educational, I was able to entertain and uplift others AND keep myself busy so I wouldn’t go insane being at home all day, every day. 

The more interviews I did, the more I started to wonder how others like me, Black creatives in fashion, were fairing. I had a feeling that the answer to this question wasn’t good. So late one evening after tossing and turning in bed, I decided I wanted to put together a Black creatives summit. To make it even more difficult, I wanted it to be three days long, AND I wanted to moderate each panel (five per day) and make it happen in three weeks. My friends were like, WHAT? But my need to help my community took over full speed. I ate, slept and drank this summit. Luckily, I pulled it together, and it was a success.

The sad reality is that just weeks after having my first All Black Everything Summit, things in the U.S. were shaken even more with the social unrest that came after the senseless murder of George Floyd and the incident in Central Park when Amy Cooper accused a Black birdwatcher of assaulting her and her dog. The uprising that followed would be one for the history books. All of these incidents made the summit an even more timely event, but it was only the beginning. I felt there was still work to be done. I went on to have a second All Black Everything Summit in 2020 that was sponsored by VIsa, and, amazingly, it was even more successful than the first. 

But the work doesn’t stop there, and it doesn’t end with just one group being seen. We all need to be seen. No matter who we are. All communities deserve to live in a world where their very existence isn’t threatened on a daily basis. No one deserves that. 

I’m definitely happy with the way the summits turned out, and I learned a lot along the way. The biggest lesson I took to heart (and being a perfectionist Virgo, this was a tough one) was that perfection does not exist. PERIOD. Last year I got thrown off course, but out of that chaos I created something new and exciting with the summit, and now I’m ready to put my all back into The Joy In Beauty.

Beauty is born from these messy moments. We can get derailed but in that derailing, can we make lemonade out of lemons? YES! We sure can. And something unexpected and even more beautiful is born out of that process of surrender.

My initial goal for The Joy In Beauty was for it to be primarily a makeup website. But 2020 changed all that. Now the blog will encompass any and everything that the sun deems beautiful. What does this mean? The focus will be more than just outer beauty. It will include inner beauty like art, travel, food, interviews, well-being. I love a lot of things, and I want to celebrate it all. 

It’s been a long journey to get here, and I’m so happy and grateful to finally be able to call myself Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of The Joy In Beauty.

Buckle up everyone. This is going to be a glorious ride.